About us

Safety first

Safety and quality are paramount at Schouten Advies. The first step towards achieving safety is implementing quality management systems. We always do this in close collaboration with company staff. Permanent and continuous attention to quality care is the goal.

We specialise in food and feed safety and workplace safety. We are truly knowledgeable in all aspects of this. Our experienced consultants support you in preparing for certification, providing a steady hand throughout the entire process. In addition, Schouten Advies provides extra support in the form of training courses – both in-company and at our own offices.

A family business for 125 years

In 1893, Klaas Schouten opened a bakery in the Burgstraat in Giessen. And now, in the same place it all started, the fifth generation of entrepreneurs is still running the Schouten Groep. A family business with 125 years of experience. Something to be proud of.

Reliance on quality

Confidence and quality. Big words, but we’re not afraid to use them. You must be able to rely on the quality and safety of your products and on the safety and knowledge of your employees. Through advice, internal audits and training courses, Schouten Advies provides the confidence that you and your customers need.

Strength through collaboration

Schouten Advies collaborates closely with a number of sister companies, such as Nutrilab, which helps us advise and support you even better.

Working at Schouten Advies

As a family company, we always take the long-term view. Not only for our customers, but also for our employees – who feel a commitment to our working method and ambitions. Schouten Advies is growing, so we are regularly looking for new employees.

We can help

Would you like our advice? We are known for our short lines of communication and will make sure that one of our consultants gets in touch with you quickly.