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Nutrilab is a specialised laboratory in the Agro Food sector. Nutrilab investigates samples for microbiological pathogens such as Salmonella for animal feed, raw materials, animal by-products. For the Food sector, Salmonella and Listeria (EC regulation 2073/2005) and chemical contaminants (EC regulation 1881/2006), such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides and dioxins, are also being investigated. Nutrilab is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of allergen analyses with ELISA, PCR and fast testing methods. In a TKI project in collaboration with Wageningen University Research, an LC-MSMS screening method has been developed for all allergens listed in Regulation (EC) No. 1169/2011. Nutrilab distinguishes itself through excellent service and a committed, customer-oriented approach. By constantly investing in knowledge and technology, Nutrilab has developed into a reliable partner in food safety for companies and organisations active in the processing, production and control of Agro Food products. It is Nutrilab’s mission to make a positive contribution to society by raising the quality of life of people and animals. Nutrilab strives to support its partners in producing high-quality and safe food for humans and animals. Nutrilab does its work with passion and enthusiasm, whereby respectful interaction with humans and animals is an important value for them. You can find Nutrilab’s  website here


Schouten Advice: GMP + International Registered Consultants

Schouten Advies has been guiding companies since the start of the GMP scheme in 1992. For more than 25 years we have been helping companies with food and feed safety questions and we have been involved in GMP + International. All our feed advisors are recognised by GMP + International as Registered Consultants..

This recognition shows that Schouten Advies consultants are reliable & competent in feed safety and know the GMP+ scopes inside and out.

We pay a lot of attention internally to the training of our employees and we follow the latest developments closely. New consultants only go out when we are confident that they can help our clients with their knowledge and skills. Our consultants are experts when it comes to feed safety and GMP+. Now that our advisers are registered with GMP +, they take an annual exam demonstrating that they have the capacity to assist your company. More information about GMP + Registered Consultants can be found here.


FCA Registered consultants

A number of Schouten Advies consultants are also registered with FCA as consultants. They have a lot of experience with the Belgian certification scheme and can tell you all about it.

Every year they follow OVOCOM training courses and take an exam to demonstrate that their knowledge is up to scratch. A registered consultant from OVOCOM has experience with at least several different companies. This way you can be sure that the consultant knows what to do.

Want to know more about FCA registered consultants? Check the FCA website.

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As a family company, we always take the long-term view. Not only for our customers, but also for our employees – who feel a commitment to our working method and ambitions. Schouten Advies is growing, so we are regularly looking for new employees.

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