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At our Academy, we provide various training courses focused on legislation, quality systems, certification schemes and risk management. But the range is even broader. Take for example our training courses which focus on sustainability, safe transport and non-GM products. Our courses, such as the training for Code 95 drivers, are set up practically. That way, participants learn to put into practice immediately the knowledge they have gained.


The Basics of Internal Auditing
In order to control, improve and monitor a quality management system, it is periodically evaluated. One way to do this,
GMP+ 2020 for food companies
Because GMP+ 2020 is based on the High Level Structure of ISO, the certification scheme is easier to combine with other
Crash course transition to GMP+ 2020 for production companies
GMP+ FCS 2020 brings a lot of changes. Are you ready for the transition to this new standard?
ISO 22000:2018 for the feed sector
Now that GMP+ International has incorporated ISO's High Level Structure into the 2020 standard, it is easier to implemen
The Basics of Internal Auditing
In order to control, improve and monitor a quality management system, it is must be periodically evaluated. During this
Training HACCP for HACCP-team members
As a HACCP team member, do you always know what is expected of you? With this course you know what to do and how you can
Course Code 95: Physical strain
Sitting behind the wheel for a long time can have negative consequences for the health of drivers. In addition, working
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Training dates
In addition to in-company training, Schouten advies also organises training courses at our own location in Giessen, the
Schouten Academy also provides in-company courses
Are you looking for training or a course that fully meet your requirements? Search no further! Schouten Academy also pro
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Custom-made seminars
Do you want a training session outside of our regular offering? No problem.
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Animal feed legislation: the basics
Learn the basics for every feed company with Schouten Advies. In half a day, you’ll receive the information about anim
The basics of GMP+ en HACCP
Do you want to learn how to implement GMP+ and HACCP at your company? Follow our basic seminar!
GMO-controlled for purchasing agents and QHSE managers
Demand from retailers for GMO-controlled products is increasing. Because of this, livestock farmers increasingly ask the
Risk-management compound feed production
For many compound feed producers, performing a risk analysis or making a risk management plan seems like a daunting task
Training early warning & recall
Guaranteed traceability of products and raw materials are both legally required and a condition for GMP+ certification.
Training intake raw materials
Good control when taking in animal feed products can prevent a lot of misery. But what is a good check and what should y
Labelling premixtures and feed additives
Labelling of feed products is complex matter. With this course we explain the practical application of the labelling rul
Labelling compound feed and feed materials
Labelling of animal feed products is complex and versatile matter. With this course, we explain the practical applicatio
Labelling and claims food
Food labelling is a complex and versatile matter. With this training, we explain the practical application of the labell
GMO-controlled and sampling from the factory floor
In this course, two topics are discussed that can play an important role in the daily work of production employees. Afte
Training feed materials
Calamities in the animal feed sector are often caused by contaminants in raw materials. Knowledge of raw materials and i
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Code 95 Refresher course for animal feed drivers
During the training, both theoretical and practical aspects of transport in the animal feed sector are discussed. The th
Basic course FSSC 22000
Have you just started at a food or pet food company or do you want to start your own company? With this course you will
Course animal by-products in feed
The use of animal products in animal feed is subject to strict legislation: whether it concerns former foodstuffs, anima
Basic course ISCC
The demand for sustainable products is increasing. In this course you will learn everything about the ISCC certification

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