Residual flows from the food and feed industry are increasingly being used for the production of biofuels. As a result, these streams are not written off, but are used as high-quality raw materials and the industry works towards circularity. To guarantee the quality and safety of these flows, various quality schemes have been developed in recent years. Schouten Advies can help you implement a quality system.

We have a lot of experience with biofuels. Whether it concerns drawing up a mass balance or the full implementation of biofuels in your quality system, Schouten Advies is at your service. We also offer various training courses. Curious about the possibilities? Get in touch.

At Ecotank we integrated occupational safety in the quality system


“We have already done a lot, but occupational safety is a continuous process.” Jaco Moelker, Ecotank

Quality systems

There are many quality systems related to sustainability. Click here for an overview of the systems we can help you with.

Our sustainability training courses

We offer various training courses. Both in-company and at our own location in Giessen. Below is a selection of our training courses related to sustainability. View our entire training overview here.

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