Digital quality management system


Focus365 is a digital quality management system by Schouten Advies, developed for the agro-food sector. Quality becomes manageable with Focus365.

No more paper forms.

Focus365 can replace all your paper forms. Dirty truck? Fill in an inspection form via your phone and immediately add a photo. Inspections have never been easier.

Never work with outdated version again.

With Focus365, you can easily cooperate in document. Do you have a new version of a procedure? With a push of a button, your entire organisation has the latest edition of that document. You can also set the rights to documents with Focus365 so that only those for whom a document is relevant can access them.

Accessible where and whenever you want.

You can use Focus365 the way you want. Phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer – you always have access to your quality manual. Whether you want to look up specification while you are in the factory or if you’re standing in a truck for inspection: Focus365 is there for you. Wherever you are, you can fill in forms and perform inspections and immediately enter the results into Focus365.


Focus365 works for you

You can easily manage your quality system with Focus365. With versioning, you can easily see what has changed. You can also easily roll out final versions of documents within your organisation or withdraw expired documents. Is your quality team working on a new version of one of your documents? With Focus365, multiple people can work on the same project. A major advantage of Focus365 is that registrations and forms are managed centrally and can be accessed via the internet. This way, you can enter forms straight into Focus365 from your computer, tablet or smartphone. No more paper forms!



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Focus365 is modular


Core + Library

A digital quality manual with familiar programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. With Focus365 Core you can easily control who in your organisation has access to which documents. In addition, you can collaborate in documents and version control is automatically applied. Including Library, an extensive database with laws and regulations relating to your professional field.

Complaints and deviations

With the Focus365 module Complaints and deviations, shortcomings, complaints and deviations can be recorded, classified and followed up. With Focus365 you ensure that your organisation is continuously improved. Improvement measures can be linked to an employee, so no complaint or deviation is forgotten.


This module is used to perform and record inspections in the workplace. Think, for example, of hygiene rounds or shelf life checks. The results do not need to be entered in cumbersome forms, but are entered directly into Focus365 from your mobile phone or tablet.


This module is used to register things as products and certification of supplier. This way you always know whether your supplier is sufficiently certified and whether the products you received meet the specifications. Together with the Complaints and deviations module, you can also follow up on complaints about suppliers.


Activities can be planned, monitored and executed in the Planning module. This includes, for example, an analysis program, cleaning and maintenance work, calibrations of weighing and measuring equipment, scheduling of audits, checks and inspections.


Food chain companies are confronted with various audits, which are conducted by certification bodies, government agencies, customers and clients. The Audits module makes it easy to record and follow up the findings of audits.

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