Feed and food safety
Our services and quality systems
Safety first
Schouten Advies, part of the Schouten Groep, is a family business with more than 125 years of experience in the food and animal feed sectors. Our goal mandate is clear. We help our customers with the quality and safety of food and feed and we help them create a safe working environment.
Food and feed safety

We advise, train and support companies in the food and animal feed sectors with the development and implementation of quality management systems and provide support with preparing for certification.
Work safety

Our second focus is personal safety. We provide advice, support, training courses and workshops that help you comply with OSH regulations and even more importantly, help you reduce the risk of incidents at your company.

Our services and quality systems

Implementing one our quality systems helps you comply with the appropriate laws and regulations. Our services also help with such issues as cost control, more efficient business operations, initiating new activities and reaching new markets.

In addition to help and support with general quality standards and schedules, we also provide support for specific issues in the area of food and feed safety, along with safety at work. Go for safety. Opt for support and advice from Schouten Advies.

“Finally – a training course that’s worth taking! A training course that’s in line with daily practice.”
Participant talking about the Code 95 training course

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