Insect farming

Schouten Advies has been involved in insect breeding for many years. We help companies with questions about quality and food safety, but also sustainability, residual flows or registration of their products with the competent authorities.

Schouten Advies has been involved since the first experiments with large-scale insect farming in Europe. For example, we help companies with their production protocols so that they comply with laws and regulations regarding animal feed. We also support the acceptance of novel foods or feed ingredients and we have thirty years of experience with quality assurance. We also regularly provide training, at our own location in Giessen as in-company. Questions about insect breeding and quality and regulations? Contact Schouten Advice.

We help Protix with quality questions about insect breeding


“Schouten Advies is our knowledge and sparring partner when it comes to legislation and quality control.” Tarique Arsiwalla, Protix

Quality systems

There are many quality systems related to sustainability. Click here for an overview of the systems we can help you with.

Our sustainability training courses

We offer various training courses. Both in-company and at our own location in Giessen. Below is a selection of our training courses related to sustainability. View our entire training overview here.

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