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Animal by-products

What are animal by-products

Animal by-products are products of animal origin that are used for a purpose other than human consumption. Sometimes because they are unfit for human consumption, sometimes because it is more economical to give them another destination.

The use of animal (by-)products is subject to strict regulations in the EU. These conditions are laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 and the Implementing Regulation (EC) No. 142/2011. These two regulations are collectively referred to as the Animal By-Products Regulations (ABR). The ABR apply to all use of animal by-products and products derived therefrom, which are not intended for human consumption. This includes offal, former foodstuffs, kitchen waste, carcasses and manure.

Animal by-products are classified into three risk categories. In order to control the risks, it is prescribed for each category how the material must be used, processed or disposed of.


Animal by-products legislation for your company

Companies that trade, transport, store and/or process animal products must be registered or recognised (depending on their activities) by the NVWA (Dutch food safety agency) in the context of the ABR. Processing can include processing into animal feed, the production of biofuels, composting, fermentation or incineration.

The traceability of animal by-products is an important element in the ABR. There are therefore strict regulations for the identification and use of commercial documents and health certificates. Animal by-products undergo processing to control veterinary risks, such as the spread of animal diseases. A heating step is often part of this. The process parameters must be demonstrably controlled and hygienic work must be carried out. This results in an appropriate cleaning and disinfection regime.


Animal by-products with Schouten Advies

Schouten Advies has many years of experience in the field of animal by-products and is regarded as a specialist in this field. We help companies interpret the complex legislation for their situation and provide assistance in obtaining the correct registration or approval. We support companies in setting up and maintaining HACCP plans aimed at complying with the Animal By-Products Regulation. We also provide training for staff and production employees. In short: Contact Schouten Advies if you have any questions about animal by-products and their regulations.

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