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Since 2010, all companies dealing in plant protection products must be CDG certified and must be included in the CDG Foundation register.

What is CDG?
The Certificatie Distributie in Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen (Certification Distribution in Plant Protection Products, CDG) scheme was set up by the CDG Foundation, together with the sector and the government. Commissioned by the government, the foundation is responsible for the implementation of the generally binding certification for distributors in plant protection products. This allows them to guarantee the high quality level of the trade in plant protection products. At the start of 2019, the CDG Foundation was again given a five-year mandate by the government. The foundation and the certification scheme aim to improve and guarantee the safe distribution and application of plant protection products.

The CDG Foundation manages a certification scheme that describes the conditions that apply to the CDG certification. With the CDG certification scheme, the industry has a means by which demonstrable quality assurance is achieved.

The schedule contains – among other things – requirements for:
• storage rooms;
• working conditions;
• transport of dangerous goods;
• advice for the use of plant protection products;
• controlled distribution of certain plant protection products;
• labelling and hazard statements;
• quality assurance.

CDG certification with Schouten Advies
Every company that wants to trade in professional plant protection products in the Netherlands must be CDG certified and registered with the CDG foundation. Schouten Advies can help you meet the requirements and conditions of the CDG scheme. Consider, for example, the requirements for the storage space for hazardous substances, the establishment of a quality system for CDG and the implementation of that quality system.