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Within the food-producing industry, increasing attention is being paid to corporate responsibility. As a result, demand for from animal feed industry for raw materials that are produced and traded with respect for people, animals and the environment is increasing.

What is GMP+ FRA?
With the development of the GMP+ Feed Responsibility (FRA), GMP+ International responds to this demand. Feed companies can make a responsible production process or responsible trade demonstrable by being certified according to the GMP+ FRA scheme.

GMP+ FRA consists of a basic module and appendices to which various so-called “market initiatives” can be added. The basic module, GMP+ B100, contains the conditions for the management system with which a participant can guarantee the market initiatives.

Market Initiative (MI) documents
The Market Initiatives documents contain the scope and specific conditions that are set for responsible, sustainable animal feed. There are initiatives for different sectors:

The added value of GMP+ FRA certification for your company
Responsible working involves, for example, the use of soy (and soy derivatives). The GMP+ FRA certificate shows that the soy is produced and traded with respect for people, animals and the environment. The growing GMP+ FRA module, set up in 2013, has several hundred participants in several countries. The system is very similar to the GMP+ FSA system, which simplifies implementation in an existing GMP+ quality system.

GMP+ FRA with Schouten Advies
Schouten Advies helps you by converting regulations into practical tools with which you can improve the sustainability of your products. In addition, we focus on you and your colleagues. We help you to become aware of the influence and risks of your work on sustainability.

Once your quality system has been set up, we will help you maintain it. In addition, you can always call on our consultants for expert advice in the field of legislation and regulations (such as labelling), approvals and registrations, conducting internal audits, setting up a control plan, elaborating specifications or, for example, for conducting supplier audits.

GMP+ FRA trainings, courses and secondment
Schouten Advies offers training courses to provide you and your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to keep your company functioning safely, qualitatively and sustainably. You can read more about our training courses here.

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