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Feed is an important link in the animal production chain: they have a direct influence on the quality and safety of food of animal origin. Consumers of meat, dairy and eggs expect safe and high-quality products. A GMP+ certificate shows your customers that you take food safety seriously.

What is GMP+ FSA?
Whether you are a raw material trader, a compound feed producer or a feed transport company; if you are part of the animal feed chain in the Netherlands, you need a GMP+ certificate. GMP+ International is a company that offers various certification schemes, with scopes such as transport, production, trade and storage and transshipment in the animal feed sector. A GMP+ certificate shows your customers that your products and services are safe and contribute to high-quality food for humans and animals and shows that you comply with legislation.

The added value of GMP+ FSA certification for your company
GMP+ International offers a chain approach to guarantee the safety and quality of the animal feed production chain. By complying with the GMP+ standards, your company also complies with various ISO standards, HACCP and legislation. A GMP+ certificate is also a sales condition in more and more countries, which means that obtaining the certificate entails new sales opportunities.

GMP+ FSA with Schouten Advies
Schouten Advies helps you by converting abstract legislation into practical tools that you can use to improve the safety of your products. In addition, we focus on you and your colleagues. We help you become aware of the influence and risks of your work on food safety.

Since the establishment of the GMP+ scheme in 1992, Schouten Advies has been helping companies achieve their certification. As a company, we have 27 years of experience with feed safety. Our consultants work with you to find out what your company needs. Sometimes we adapt your existing quality system, in other cases we implement a completely new system tailored to your company. All our feed consultants are GMP+ registered consultants.

Once your quality system has been set up, we will help you maintain it. In addition, you can always call on our consultants for expert advice in the field of legislation and regulations (such as labelling), recognitions and registrations, conducting internal audits, setting up an HACCP plan, elaborating specifications or for example for performing supplier audits.

GMP plus training, courses and secondment
We also have consultants who are detached at animal feed and food companies, to assist them in with their quality care. In addition, we provide GMP+ training to bring you the knowledge of you, your employees or your colleagues up to date. We provide these courses at our location in Giessen, but we also provide in-company training. You can read more about these training courses here.

We can help
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