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Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in our society. Sustainable products contribute less to CO2 emissions, strengthen biodiversity or are produced with the well-being of humans and animals of paramount importance. An ISCC certificate shows that you take sustainability seriously and act to increase the integrity of the quality system.


What is ISCC?

ISCC is an international certification system that can be applied to demonstrate sustainability and CO2 reduction for all kinds of bio-raw materials and bioenergy.

According to the European Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EU), bio-raw materials used as biofuels or bio-energy must be produced sustainably. The directive provides for a set of rules to limit negative consequences. Germany was the first EU member to include the European directive into national legislation, other member states have since followed. This legislation applies to all bio-raw materials used for biofuel or bioenergy, from January 2011.

ISCC offers a chain approach to guarantee the sustainability of the production chain of biofuels, food and feed. By complying with the ISCC (EU or PLUS) standards, your company also complies with sustainability legislation.


ISCC with Schouten Advies

Schouten Advies helps you translate abstract conditions from the ISCC standards into practical tools with which you can guarantee the sustainability of your products. In addition, we focus on you and your colleagues. We help you to become aware of the influence and risks of your work on the sustainability status of your products.

As a company, we have experience with sustainability certification since 2013. Our consultants work with you to discover what your company needs. You can always call on our consultants for expert advice in the field of legislation and regulations. Consider, for example, CO2 calculations, drawing up the mass balance and Proof of Sustainability).


ISCC training courses, courses and secondment

Our consultants are regularly detached to animal feed companies to support and shape their quality policy. For example, we can help with the internal training of staff or we can help if you are short of hands. Contact Schouten Advies to discuss the options for posting.

In addition, we provide training on sustainability to keep your knowledge up to date. We also offer training on food, feed and occupational safety. We provide both in-company training courses and courses at our own location in Giessen.

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