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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the standard when it comes to sustainability. With an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to this standard, you show that your organisation takes sustainability seriously. Schouten Advies is your partner in the design and implementation of ISO 14001 quality system. 


What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14000 is a set of schemes that help companies manage their impact on the environment. ISO 14001 contains criteria for an Environmental Management System. With such an EMS you can map the impact of your company and you can take steps to reduce your environmental footprint, for example by using raw materials more efficiently or by reducing waste. Because ISO 14001 is broad in its set up, it also offers a lot of room for individual interpretation. This way, your EMS is completely tailored to your organisation.

Video: in the above video from ISO, the organisation itself, explains what exactly ISO 14001 is and what has changed with the 2015 version. Source

To obtain an ISO 14001 certificate you need a quality system that contains at least the following components:

  • An analysis of the stakeholders of your organisation and the environment, with an inventory of the stakeholders and their requirements and wishes in the field of environmental matters;
  • An environmental aspects register, in which, on the basis of various environmental aspects, it is examined how your organisation can tax the environment as little as possible;
  • An action plan to achieve your organisation’s environmental goals.


It takes about 6 months to set up and implement an environmental management system.


Who is ISO 14001 for?

Like other ISO standards, ISO 14001 is broad in scope and therefore suitable for many different industries. From large multinationals to small production locations, ISO 14001 prepares your organisation for the future. You show that you take sustainability seriously and are willing to take that extra step.


ISO 14001 training, courses and secondment

Schouten Advies has a lot of experience in the animal feed and food industry. With our expertise, your organisation will become more sustainable. Our consultants are regularly deployed to scrutinize our clients’ compliance policies. For example, we can help with the internal training of staff or we can assist if you are short-handed. We provide both in-company training and courses at our own location in Giessen. Would you like to discuss the possibilities for training on ISO 14001? Please contact us. If you are interested in one of our other trainings, have a look here.

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