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ISO 22000

ISO-22000 is a food safety certificate that is applied internationally throughout the food chain. It is based on the HACCP principle of the Codex Alimentarius and the principles of ISO for management. All ISO standards come from the International Organisation for Standardisation. Their standards and their structure are applied in many countries.

What is NEN-EN-ISO 22000?
The purpose of the standard is to harmonise food safety requirements for food companies worldwide and to offer a good alternative to the different food safety standards. ISO 22000 can be applied throughout the food chains. It forms a good framework for establishing food safety principles, and the procedures and guidelines that meet the chain requirements. In addition, ISO 22000 can help a company save costs. It offers practical tools that are necessary for managing food safety in one system.

The added value of NEN-EN-ISO 22000 certification for your company
In comparison with other standards such as BRC and IFS, ISO 22000 gives more freedom for self-fulfilling the requirements. There is more room for interpretation of these requirements and fewer well-defined frameworks have been established. In addition, it is possible to apply it throughout the food chain. Consider suppliers of the food sector such as the packaging industry or transport companies.

NEN-EN-ISO 22000 with Schouten Advies
Our consultants know everything about NEN-EN-ISO 22000 and are happy to share that knowledge. Do you need help in complying with this standard? Then please get in touch with Schouten Advies.

NEN-EN-ISO 22000 trainings, courses and secondment
We also have consultants that are detached at food and feed companies. In addition, we provide training to bring you the knowledge of you, your employees or your colleagues up to date. We provide these courses at our location in Giessen, but we also provide in-company training. You can read more about these training courses here.

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