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Qualität und Sicherheit (QS), is a German standard and includes the quality assurance of the production of food of animal origin (in particular meat products) from producer to end consumer. Quality assurance of “Farm to shop”.

What is QS?
QS achieves its goal through a system of quality assurance and quality control, which includes all links of the food and feed production chain. Both for livestock farmers and for slaughterhouses, cutting plants and (wholesale) trade. QS has also drawn up criteria for the animal feed sector, as a supplier of livestock farmers. Animal feed producers, traders and other animal feed companies can be certified by an independent certification body. The period between the certification audits depends on the results of the previous audits

The added value of QS certification for your company
Since its inception in 2001, the QS scheme has been a quality system that guarantees all stages in the production and marketing of meat and meat products. Qualität und Sicherheit is maintained by five major stakeholders, who represent parties in production and marketing. In addition, there is cooperation with branch organisations of the poultry sector and branch organisations of vegetables, fruit and potatoes.

QS with Schouten Advies
Schouten Advies helps you by converting regulations into practical tools with which you can improve the feed and food safety of your products. Once your quality system has been set up, we will help you maintain it. In addition, you can always call on our consultants for expert advice in the field of legislation and regulations, recognitions and registrations, conducting internal audits, setting up a HACCP plan, elaborating specifications or, for example, conducting supplier audits.

QS training and secondment
Our consultants are regularly detached to animal feed companies to support and shape their quality policy. For example, we can help with the internal training of staff or we can help if you are short of hands. Contact Schouten Advies to discuss the options for posting.

In addition, we provide training on various animal feed topics to keep your knowledge up to date. We also offer training on food, sustainability and occupational safety. We provide both in-company training courses and courses at our own location in Giessen. Click here for more information about our training courses.

We can help
Would you like our advice? We are known for our short lines of communication and will make sure that one of our consultants gets in touch with you quickly.