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In recent years, more and more attention is being paid to the residual flows from the food and feed industry. New ways are constantly being sought to give these residual products a new, high-quality destination. REDCert has been certifying these processes since 2010. REDCert is a certification system that can be used to demonstrate sustainability and CO2 reduction for all types of bio-raw materials and bio-energy. REDCert’s schedules cover a variety of sectors, from food and feed to biofuels.



REDcert-EU was established in 2012 for the certification of sustainable biomass, biofuels and bioliquids. The scheme applies to all stages of biofuel production – from material collection to production.



With RedCert2 it is possible to certify sustainable, raw materials from the agricultural sector, intended for food, animal feed or biomass. The scheme is based, among other things, on the requirements of the REDcert-EU scheme.


The certification process

In order to be REDcert certified, we can either apply  the requirements from the REDcert standards to your existing  quality system or we can include them in a new quality system. In addition, your organisation must set up a tracking & tracing system, in the form of a mass balance, to record the sustainability data. A sustainability statement must be drawn up for each batch of raw materials. This sustainability statement is based on data provided by the supplier.

Om REDcert te certificeren zullen wij samen met u de voorwaarden uit de REDcert standaarden uitwerken in een kwaliteitssysteem of opnemen in een bestaand kwaliteitssysteem. Daarnaast dient uw organisatie een tracking & tracing systeem, in de vorm van een massabalans, op te stellen om de duurzaamheidsgegevens vast te leggen. Bij iedere partij grondstoffen dient een duurzaamheidsverklaring van die partij opgesteld te worden. Deze duurzaamheidsverklaring is gebaseerd op gegevens van de door de leverancier aangeleverde informatie.

Keeping track of sustainability data is an important part of REDCert certification. The time it takes to get your organisation REDcert certified depends on the type of company, the tracking & tracing system in place and the amount of transactions your company carries out.


REDcert and Schouten Advies

You can contact Schouten Advies with all your questions about REDcert. Do you need assistance for a longer period? No problem, our consultants are regularly seconded to food and feed companies to support and shape the quality policy there. This way we can assist if you are short-staffed. Contact Schouten Advies to discuss the secondment options.


In addition, Schouten Advies offers a wide range of training courses. We can help you keep your knowledge up to date. We provide both in-company training and courses at our own location in Giessen. Would you like to discuss the possibilities for a training about REDcert? Please contact us.


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