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VCA for companies

VCA stands for Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers (Safety, health and environment Checklist Contractors). VCA is a proven program in which structural attention is paid to health and safety within companies. With the VCA, the number of accidents can be reduced. You can work with VCA yourself on occupational safety in your organisation, but VCA is often also requested by customers or clients.


Why VCA?

By meeting the requirements of VCA, you lay the foundation for going to work safely and healthily every day. A VCA certificate shows that your company considers safe and healthy working to be of paramount importance. However, the checklist is not a legal obligation, like an RI&E is. VCA is a useful addition to the RI&E.

It often happens that VCA is a requirement of clients. In that case, VCA is a precondition for getting started. A number of sectors where VCA is in high demand are:

  • Storage and transshipment;
  • Transportation;
  • Industrial cleaning;
  • Inland shipping;
  • Landscaping.


Who is VCA for?

VCA is primarily intended for companies that carry out high-risk work and wish to structurally invest in safe and healthy work. On the other hand, every company can get started with VCA. After all, safe, healthy and environmentally responsible working is important for all organisations.


What is the difference between VCA and an occupational health and safety management system?

You may have noticed that in addition to setting up a VCA system, we also offer guidance in setting up an occupational health and safety management system. But what is the difference? With VCA, the measures that an organisation must take are prescribed in a checklist. In an occupational health and safety management system, the organisation itself determines the measures based on the risks present. The risks of the organisation are described in your RI&E. Furthermore, VCA mainly focuses on the aforementioned sectors, while an occupational health and safety management system can be applied in every sector.

To be eligible for the VCA certificate, your employees must have a VCA personal certificate.

VCA distinguishes between VCA* (1 star) and VCA** (2 star). The difference between the two mainly lies in the size of the organisation and the complexity of the work. Do you want to know what suits your organisation best? VCA*, VCA** or an occupational health and safety management system? Please feel free to contact us!


VCA and Schouten Advies

Schouten Advies makes it just that little bit easier for you. Do you already have a documentation system for your organisation? For example for ISO 9001 or GMP+? Then you can integrate VCA policy into your current documentation system. This way you keep an overview and avoid duplication of work.


Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our approach!

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