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A safe working environment helps prevent accidents and long-term sick leave. A safe environment pays dividends in the form of increased employee satisfaction. Due to changes in legislation, the responsibility for a safe working environment now lies all the more fully on your shoulders as an employer. With an RI&E (risk inventory and evaluation), you get immediate insight into the risks present in your company. Safety should not be left to chance.

Assessment of in-house RI&
VCA for companies
We can help you obtain your VCA certificate, so that you can focus on the health and safety of your colleagues
Work safety workshops
Keep work safety front of mind with workshops by Schouten Advies! We organise workshops to develop and maintain the safe
Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation
With an RI&E from Schouten Advies, you will lay the foundation that will make your organisation safer for employees
Dangerous substances
Do you know what to do with dangerous substances at your company? Schouten Advies helps you to handle dangerous substanc
Explosion safety (ATEX 153)
Schouten Advies assists in complying with the ATEX guidelines and in reducing the risk of explosions at your company
Machine safety
Are the machines at your company safe? Schouten Advies can help you make sure!
Health and safety management system
A well-developed health and safety management system is the basis for improving safety in the workplace.
Toolbox meetings
Safety should be ingrained in your organisation. Our toolbox meetings can help you raise awareness.
When it comes to food, there's a huge amount of legislation with which you as a company in the foodstuffs industry must
Since 2010, all companies dealing in plant protection products must be CDG certified and must be included in the CDG Fou
Have you not found your quality system?
Is the quality system that you had in mind or what your client requested but could you not find it on our website? Then
ISO 9001
NEN-EN-ISO 9001 is the standard in the field of quality management. By obtaining ISO 9001 certification, you demonstrate
Training courses
Schouten Advies provides dozens of training courses each year. These courses are on foodstuffs, animal feed, sustainabil
Quality care
Schouten Advies is an experienced specialist in quality management systems. We advise and support companies actively in
Internal audits
Nearly all certification schemes require internal audits. This fits very well into the Deming quality circle: Checking a

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