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Dangerous substances

Are there dangerous substances in your company? A simple question at first sight. However, answering this question can be complicated. This is because many different guidelines and laws may apply to your company. For example, consider the Dutch Working Conditions Act, REACH, CLP, ADR and environmental permits. We are happy to help you discover what frameworks are relevant for your company and products.

What are dangerous substances?
Dangerous substances include all materials that pose a risk to the safety and health of employees. You can think of detergents, asbestos or chrome-6. Also substances that are produced at the workplace, such as the smoke from a diesel engine or the dust in a grain silo, may belong to this. Schouten Advies can help you create a safe and healthy working environment.

What can Schouten Advies mean for you?
Our approach is focused on your company and your requirements. No project is the same. We can help you with:

  • making an inventory of the dangerous substances present;
  • the preparation of a registration system for dangerous substances in accordance with legal requirements;
  • registration of dangerous substances according to REACH legislation;
  • requesting and preparing SDS (Safety Data Sheets);
  • preparing labels and labelling packages;
  • requesting International Database Transport Feed (IDTF);
  • provide clarity about transport requirements for your products;
  • advise on laws and regulations;
  • drawing up workplace instruction cards (WIK) for employees to work with substances safely;
  • providing interactive workshops or training courses on working safely with dangerous substances.

“For us, Schouten Advies is an essential link for complying with all requirements.”
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