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Health and safety management system

According to Dutch legislation, as an employer you are responsible for safe, healthy and pleasant working conditions. A healthy and safe workplace starts with a good health and safety policy. Occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems help to achieve the objectives in the field of working conditions in a systematic manner.


Management systems

Our OHS management system is based on the process-oriented approach according to the Deming circle (also known as the PDCA cycle). With this method you can work on continuous improvement of safety at your company. If you already have a quality or environmental management system, the health and safety policy can be integrated into this. This way you keep the systems manageable and you avoid duplicate work. An OHS management system is setup as follows:

1. Preperatory visit

Before we start with the health and safety policy, we would like to visit you to discuss the purpose and your wishes and expectations of the system. In this first step, we determine (on the basis of your RI&E, among other things) which components must be included in the documentation system.

2. Setting up manual and procedures

After the first visit, we will get to work. The occupational safety policy is incorporated in a manual and associated procedures. These are set up in such a way that your organisation basically complies with working conditions legislation and regulations. The following topics are central to this manual:

  • policies and objectives;
  • functions and responsibilities;
  • specific health & safety themes;
  • personnel and knowledge transfer;
  • procedures to implement improvement actions.

3. Setting up manual and procedures

The information from the manual and the procedures will be translated into practical work instructions. The questions: who, what, where and when are central here. In addition, various forms, schedules and lists are drawn up to register the required information. For example, instructions and registration documents may include the following topics:

  • permits for hazardous work;
  • work equipment;
  • security and prevention tools;
  • hazardous Substances;
  • personal protective equipment.


Schouten Advies can set up the health and safety management system for you and offer support during the implementation. Would you like to know whether an occupational health and safety management system is right for your company? Then please get in touch.

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