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Internal audits
Nearly all certification schemes require internal audits. This fits very well into the Deming quality circle: Checking and Updating come after Planning and Doing. An internal audit checks what you do and gives you handholds for improving your quality system. The experienced consultants at Schouten Advies can perform your internal audit.

What is an internal audit?
During an internal audit, Schouten Advies takes a close look at your own company together with you. You check whether you still comply with the standards of a scheme or the legislation and you draw up a report of this with points for improvement. By verifying the improvement plan with a subsequent internal audit, you continue to improve your organisation. During an external audit, you will be evaluated on matters such as your own internal audits and on the consequent course of improvement.

Internal audits from Schouten Advies
Schouten Advies can perform internal audits for you. Together with you, our experienced consultants track down issues well before certification is on the line. During an internal audit, we check your manual and procedures, but we also pay attention to your company’s daily practice. In addition, we discuss your challenges with you and where you can use help.

Would an internal audit – performed by a skilled consultant – be helpful? Or do you have any questions about internal audits? If so, please get in touch with us!

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