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Machine safety

Every year, more than 400 serious accidents occur with heavy machinery in the Netherlands. 22% of these are accidents in which someone comes into contact with moving parts of the machine. It’s important it is to ensure the machines you work with are safe. The subject of machine safety can be approached in various ways. In addition to safety inspections according to the NEN 3140 standard, companies can draw up a “RI&E work equipment” to assess the safety of machines.

What is a machine RI&E? In the RI&E work equipment (also known as machine RI&E), an in-depth investigation is being conducted into the risks that employees run while using work equipment. With the outcomes of this in-depth RI&E, you have concrete tools to protect your employees. This deepening is not included in the general RI&E.

What is NEN 3140? To use machines and other work equipment safely, you can have an inspection carried out in accordance with NEN 3140. The purpose of this inspection is to determine whether an electrical installation or an electrical work equipment complies with the technical regulations and safety regulations, as described in the NEN 3140 standard. This ensures that any defects are detected early and that electrocution or short-circuiting of equipment is prevented. Many insurers require companies to have their machines inspected in accordance with this standard.

Machines and other work equipment with Schouten Advies Schouten Advies can perform the RI&E work equipment for you and prepare the corresponding report. During this inventory we make a distinction between:

  1. machine safety during use;
  2. machine safety during maintenance;
  3. environmental factors;

In addition to the RI&E work equipment, we can also have the NEN 3140 safety inspection carried out for you. After the inspection you will receive a report with the inspection results. We can also prepare practical documents to improve machine safety:

  • setting up a LOTOTO (Lock out, Tag out, Try out) safety procedure to ensure that maintenance work is carried out safely , without switching on the machine;
  • designing machine safety cards to instruct employees in the workplace on safe use and maintenance of the machine;
  • making a registration document for planning (safe) maintenance of machines and other work equipment.
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