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Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation

According to the Dutch Working Conditions Act (Arbowet), every organisation is obliged to perform a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). With the help of the RI&E, workplace risks are identified. By examining these risks in more detail, it can be determined how they can best be remedied.

What is a RI&E?
The RI&E is a fundamental component for the working conditions of companies. It forms an indispensable basis for a safe and healthy working environment. With the help of the RI&E, company risks are mapped and evaluated. The RI&E is summarised in a Plan of Approach (PoA) in which a measure is proposed for every uncontrolled risk. If your company has a staff, you are obligated to perform an RI&E in accordance with the Dutch Working Conditions Act.

The added value of an RI&E for your company
An RI&E provides an overview of all safety and health risks for your employees and third parties. By drawing up an RI&E and keeping it up to date, you not only comply with the Working Conditions Act, but you also work on a safe and healthy working culture. The Social Affairs and Employment inspection monitors compliance with the Working Conditions Act and regulations. With an up-to-date RI&E, you demonstrate that you have a high regard for safety in your company.

RI&E with Schouten Advies
Schouten Advies can carry out the Risk Inventory & Evaluation for you by identifying risks. With an Plan of Approach, we help you to structurally reduce the risks found. With an RI&E performed by Schouten Advies B.V. you ensure that the working conditions at your company are approached in a practical way. In addition, the RI&E is performed by expert consultants with experience in the animal feed and food sector and in laboratory environments.

An RI&E performed by Schouten Advies consists of the following elements:

  • a company visit by an expert consultant (discussing policy + tour on location);
  • a Risk Inventory and Evaluation;
  • a report (Plan of Approach) for reducing the risks found;

Once the RI&E has been carried out and the report has been written, a follow-up process can started to manage the risks and implement solutions.

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