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Training courses

Schouten Advies provides dozens of training courses each year. These courses are in the fields of foodstuffs and animal feed, but also focus on sustainability and work safety. In addition, we also provide training for Code 95 drivers. We offer these training courses at our offices in Giessen, as well as in-company. More information about these training courses can be found here.

In-company training
Want to join a group of colleagues and bring your knowledge of GMP+ or feed legislation up to date, but prefer to do this at your own company? Please contact Schouten Advies at training@schoutenadvies.nl. All our training courses are also suited to being given in-company. You can combine two training courses of one-half day, for example, or use practical examples from your own company.

Customised training
Looking for a training course about a subject that’s not in the summary of training courses? Schouten Advies can set up a training course focused entirely on your needs. For more information about the possibilities, please contact Schouten Advies.

More information
Click here for more information about the scheduled training courses. If you would like to be kept informed of new training dates, subscribe to our newsletter. Do you have other questions about the training program or are you interested in the possibilities for in-company and customised training sessions? Send an e-mail to training@schoutenadvies.nl.

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