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Work safety workshops

For an effective health and safety policy, it is important that all colleagues are involved. With workshops from Schouten Advies you develop the safety awareness of your colleagues and you keep it up to date. By means of photos, cases and (practice) assignments, the employee is stimulated to think about his own practical situation. Both individually and in groups, small assignments are made that are discussed afterwards on the basis of one’s own experiences. By regularly organizing workshops, you contribute to a safe and pleasant working environment.


What is the difference between a workshop and toolbox meeting? 

Article 8 of the Dutch Working Conditions Act (Arbowet) states that the employer must provide effective information about the work to be performed and the associated risks and measures to be taken. You can meet this obligation with a workshop. During a workshop (approximately 1.5 – 2 hours), one safety theme is further explored. In addition to continuous interaction with the teacher, participants receive small assignments and (practical) exercises during a workshop.

You can also opt for toolbox meetings. Short training sessions of approximately 30 minutes focused on one specific safety theme. For example, ‘working safely with ladders and stairs’. Read more about toolbox meetings here.


Schouten Advies can organise the following workshops for you:

  • Working conditions and safety In this workshop the students are introduced to work safety. Through practical exercises they learn what working safely and healthily means and why this is so important. A number of occupational safety issues such as order and tidiness, physical strain and the recognition of risks are briefly discussed during this workshop.


  • Dealing with dangerous substances This workshop offers tools for employees to work safely with dangerous substances. Students learn to recognise the risks of dangerous substances in your organisation. By means of practical aids, they are informed in an accessible manner about how they can best deal with these hazards and which personal protective equipment should be used.


  • Physical strain During this workshop, the students learn, among other things, which forms of physical strain exist and what the consequences can be of incorrect load. The workshop is designed in a practical way and offers tools to prevent physical overload. Sitting still is not possible!


  • Dangerous work Fire hazards, working at heights and working in confined spaces are examples of work that entails additional risks. As a result of your company-specific situation, employees receive information and instructions on the safe performance of hazardous work. If desired, a work permit system can also be introduced during this workshop.


  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) The employer is legally obliged to offer personal protective equipment to employees. Employees, in turn, are obliged to actually use the resources provided. In this workshop, employees learn the importance of PPE and for which activities they should be used.


Does your organisation need a workshop that is not listed? Then contact us! Then we can develop a workshop together with you that fully meets your needs. You can contact us via arbo@schoutenadvies.nl.


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