Training dates

Below you will find an overview of all training courses, including prices, that Schouten Advies organises at our own location in Giessen. All our courses are also suitable for in-company training. Training courses that is not in the overview below, areonly given in-company.

Animal feed legislation: the basics

If your company is operating in the animal feed sector, you can be confronted with all sorts of difficult and complex legislation. This seminar guides you through the most important parts of feed legislation. At the end of the training session, you know what legislation applies to our company, where you can find the laws and how you can implement them. More information.

The basics of GMP+ en HACCP

As part of the Integrated Chain Management (ICM) regulations, livestock farmers are required to purchase feed from GMP+ or equivalent certified companies. But what exactly is GMP+ and how can you apply it to your own organisation? During this seminar, the structure of the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme and all of the most important parts of the standard are explained. When you attend this training session, you know that it takes to get a GMP+ certificate. More information.
19-09-2022 550 euro

Code 95 Refresher course for animal feed drivers

This course is developed specifically to give drivers in the feed industry the information they need fort heir daily work. This training is accredited by the CBR and counts towards your Code 95 requirements. More information.
275 euro CCV cost not included in price

Cursus Code 95 – Healty work

Being behind the wheel for a long time can have negative consequences for the health of drivers. For example, an incorrect sitting posture can lead to complaints in the neck, back or shoulders. In addition, working with heavy goods can have an impact on the body. Lifting heavy equipment or pulling pallet trucks for example. During the Code 95 Healty work course, drivers learn to perform their work correctly and without physical complaints. This training is accredited by the CBR and counts towards your Code 95 requirements. More information.
Price on request