Course animal by-products in feed

The use of animal products in animal feed is subject to strict legislation: whether it concerns former foodstuffs, animal meal, fish meal or, for example, fish oil. The European Regulation on animal by-products applies to all these products. If you want to incorporate animal protein into feed, the BSE regulation also applies.

The following aspects will be discussed during the training:

  • structure of European Regulations No. 1069/2009, 142/2011 and 999/2001;
  • classification of animal products;
  • identification, labelling and transport;
  • processing methods of animal products;
  • approvals and registrations;
  • application of animal products in animal nutrition;
  • pet food, chew products for dogs and raw pet food;
  • new developments regarding insects and former foodstuffs.

The aim of the training is that you independently learn to apply three complex EU regulations and gain insight into the do’s and don’ts of animal products in animal nutrition. Participants receive a certificate after the training.

Target audience
This training is primarily intended for quality officials, buyers, and nutritionists from companies that produce animal by-products or process them into animal feed. Basic knowledge of HACCP, GMP+ and animal feed raw materials will help you to be able to successfully follow this course. If you lack this basic knowledge, you can also first follow our course ‘The basics of animal feed legislation’.

Level: MBO+ / HBO.

The seminar takes a whole day and is only organised in-company.

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