Crash course transition to GMP+ 2020 for production companies

GMP+ FCS 2020 brings a lot of changes. The so-called High Level Structure of ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 is the new basis for the quality system. In addition, the standard becomes less prescriptive but more descriptive. This creates more room for your own interpretation of your quality management, as long as food safety is guaranteed. Are you ready for the new standard? Schouten Advies can help you make the switch.


The Transition to GMP+ 2020 course for production companies covers all aspects that you as producer in the feed chain must take into account. Are you already GMP+ certified and are you going to make the switch soon? Get started with GMP+ 2020 with this training from Schouten Advies.


Target audience

This seminar has been specifically developed to provide companies with the tools and knowledge to make the transition to GMP+ 2020 easier. . Level: MBO+ / HBO.



The seminar takes half a day and is only organised in-company.

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