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Code 95 Refresher course for animal feed drivers

During the training, both theoretical and practical aspects of transport in the animal feed sector are discussed. The theoretical topics that are discussed are:

Legislation and regulations for the transport of animal feed
If you as a company are active in the animal feed sector, you will have to deal with all kinds of legislation that is often difficult and complex. To guide you through this, a clear overview of the most important legislation that is relevant for the transport of animal feed is provided. During the training, specific attention is paid to what a driver should know about this.

GMP + Feed Certification Scheme
In addition to complying with legislation, the animal feed sector requires that the transport of animal feed meets the requirements set in the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme. During the training, all relevant topics for drivers in the feed industry are dealt with.


Some topics that are discussed here:

  • tasks and responsibilities;
  • conditions for loading and unloading;
  • vehicle layout;
  • detergents and desinfactants;
  • personal protective equipment.

After the theoretical part, what is learned is put into practice. The following topics are covered:

  • correct use of means of transport;
  • application of cleaning protocols and agents;
  • proper use of personal protective equipment.

There is plenty of room for questions about situations that you encounter with your own organisation.

Target audience
This training has been specifically developed to provide drivers with the know how necessary for the performance of their daily work. This course is accredited by the CBR and counts for your Code 95 training. Participants receive a certificate of participation after the training.

The seminar takes a whole day and is held at our location in Giessen, the Netherlands. Lunch is provided.

Sign up
Make sure you sign up on time, preferably three weeks before the training session. If there are too few application, a seminar might be cancelled. If you’ve signed up for a seminar that is cancelled, you will be notified well before the day of the seminar. To sign up for a seminar or for more information, you can contact us at

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