GMO-controlled and sampling from the factory floor

In this course, two topics are discussed that can play an important role in the daily work of production employees. Afterwards, participants receive a certificate as proof of participation in the course.

Production GMO-controlled feed
First, as production staff you play an important role in preventing contamination of feeds with GMOs. During this course, the various risk sources are discussed and consideration is given to measures that can be taken to prevent GMO contamination.

Sampling GMP+ BA13
Second, GMP+ certified companies must appoint samplers. The document GMP+ BA13 sets out conditions for different types of products with regard to sampling. The most important protocols will be discussed during the course.

Some topics are:

  • working conditions with regard to sampling;
  • sampling materials;
  • working method of sampling (sub-, collective- and final sample);
  • retention periods and storage conditions.


Target audience
This course is specifically designed for production staff.

Level: MBO+.

The seminar takes about half a day and is only organised in-company.

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