GMO-Controlled from the Factory Floor VLOG, GMP+ MI5.4, and GMP+ TS 1.6 Sampling

Learn all about GMO-controlled animal feed and sampling in this practical course. This course highlights two important topics relevant to the daily activities of production workers in the animal feed industry, namely the production of GMO-controlled animal feed and sampling.

Target Audience
This training is specifically developed for employees whose activities within the company can influence GMO-controlled animal feed. Level: Level: Upper secondary education levels (MBO).


Production of GMO-Controlled Animal Feed

As a production worker, you play a crucial role in preventing contamination of feeds with GMOs. During this training, various risk sources are discussed, and measures that can be taken to prevent GMO contamination are considered.

Sampling GMP+ TS 1.6

GMP+ certified companies are required to appoint samplers. Document GMP+ TS 1.6 describes conditions for different types of products regarding sampling. The training will cover the main protocols. Some topics include:

  • Working conditions related to sampling;
  • Sampling materials;
  • Sampling methods (sub-sample, composite sample, and final sample);
  • Retention times and storage conditions.

Throughout this training, various practical cases, (group) exercises, and realistic examples are used to help participants understand the concepts and applications better. After completion, participants receive a certificate as proof of participation in the training.

This training takes approximately 4 hours.

Learning Objectives
After completing this training:

  • You will be able to name the risks of GMO contamination in animal feed.
  • You can apply measures to prevent GMO contamination in animal feed.
  • You will be capable of performing sampling according to the guidelines of GMP+ TS 1.6.

Registration / In-Company
This training can be offered in-company at your business.

Please contact for a proposal.

Choice of Dutch or English

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