Labelling and claims food

Food labelling is a complex and versatile matter. With this training, we explain the practical application of the labelling rules. The use of claims is also treated. The inclusion of correct and complete information on food packaging has become increasingly important in recent years. Wrong labels regularly cause recalls or fines.

There are various reasons for this, such as:

  • greater need for information from consumers who want to consciously deal with nutrition, health and weight;
  • an increasing number of consumers with food allergies or intolerances;
  • tightening and standardising the legal requirements for food labelling in the EU and the use of claims.

In addition to the mandatory information for (pre) packaged food, there are also legal conditions that must be met by optional statements such as nutrition or health claims and commercial expressions. The starting point is that this information must not be misleading for the consumer.

The developments in basic legislation (Regulation (EC) No 1169/2011), but also the additional requirements that apply to specific products such as cocoa and chocolate products, honey, olive oil and food additives, can cause considerable complexity.

This training is a balanced combination of information about the legal requirements, examples and practice with various practical situations. Afterwards, participants receive a certificate as proof of participation in the course.


  • You gain insight into the complex legislation in the field of B2C labelling of pre-packaged foods and claims and you know where you can find this information.
  • You learn which statements are mandatory such as product name, ingredient declaration (with attention to allergens, additives, flavorings, enzymes and processing aids), KWID, nutritional values, etc. and various options and exceptions.
  • You know the conditions that apply to optional listings, nutrition and health claims.

Target audience
Anyone who needs knowledge and tools for drawing up and reviewing food labels.

Level: MBO+ / HBO.

The seminar takes a whole day and is only organised in-company.

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