Labelling compound feed and feed materials

Labelling of animal feed products is complex and versatile matter. With this course, we explain the practical application of the labelling rules for compound feed and feed materials. The basis for this course is the European Regulation No. 767/2009. In addition, other legislation and regulations that will include rules with regard to the labelling of animal feed will also be considered.

The following topics will also be discussed during the course:

  • use of the feed materials catalogue;
  • use of claims;
  • special conditions with regard to dietetic feeds;
  • labelling of non-compliant feed;
  • use of codes of conduct with regard to labelling.

The aim is for participants to be able to draw up labels themselves after the course and assess them in accordance with the regulations. During the course, various practical exercises are offered to familiarise yourself with the theory discussed. Afterwards participants receive a certificate as proof of participation in the course.

Target audience
This course is for quality assurance staff, persons responsible for labels, purchasers and nutritionists. To successfully attend to this course, it helps to have some basic knowledge of GMP+, HACCP and feed materials.

Level: MBO+ / HBO.

The seminar takes a whole day and is only organised in-company.

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