Pesticides in Animal Feed

Are you a trader, producer, or quality officer who regularly deals with pesticides? Have you ever received an analysis result in which a pesticide was found and wondered if it falls within the limit? Whether the animal feed can still be used?

The ‘Pesticides in Animal Feed’ training answers all these questions. This training is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the regulations regarding pesticides in animal feed. Moreover, it provides practical tools on how to act when a pesticide is found.

The topics covered include:

  • Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005 incl. annexes
  • MRLs for products of plant and animal origin
  • Determining MRLs
  • Approval and admission of pesticides (in Europe and the Netherlands)
  • EU pesticide database
  • Effects of processing on MRLs
  • Effects of water- and fat-soluble pesticides
  • Application of footnote 1
  • Evaluating analysis results (incl. use of measurement uncertainty)
  • Reporting obligation

Target Group
This course is specifically developed to provide quality officers, members of the HACCP and validation team, directors, buyers, and sellers with the necessary knowledge that helps them in performing their daily duties. Level: MBO+ / HBO.

The course lasts aprox. 4 hours. and is offered both in-company and on registration.

Make sure you register in time, preferably three weeks in advance. If there is not enough interest for a course, it will not take place. If you have registered for a course and it does not take place, you will be notified well in advance. You can register via

Are you interested in a training specifically tailored to your company situation? The ‘Pesticides in Animal Feed’ training can also be given in-company. Inquire about the possibilities via


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