Risk-management compound feed production

For many compound feed producers, performing a risk analysis or making a risk management plan seems like a daunting task. The aim of this seminar is to give the attendees enough knowledge to create, implement and maintain an HACCP plan for a production process. In this course, we combine theory with practical exercises and a trip to a factory. Participants will receive a certificate as proof of their participation.

Target audience
This seminar has been specifically developed for quality officers and members of the HACCP and validation team. You can get the most out of this training if you have some basic knowledge of HACCP, GMP+ or raw materials for feed. Because of the excursion, this seminar can be attended by at most 20 people. So send in your registration quickly! This training is particularly intended to be given in-company. Instead of an excursion, the theory can then be supported with examples from your own company.

Level: MBO+ / HBO.

The course takes two half-days and is only organised in-company.

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