Safety of circular animal feed

This training is based on the ‘Safety of Circular Animal Feeds’ project, which is part of the ‘Kennis op Maat’(Customized Knowledge) project through Wageningen Food Safety Research, a division of Wageningen University & Research. Collaboration with experts from GMP+ International, Nevedi, and HTP Advies B.V. has led to the specific design of this training for professionals in the animal feed sector aiming for advancement in circular animal feeds. The purpose of this project is to aid the feed industry in becoming more sustainable by providing practical knowledge.

Target Audience
This course is specifically developed for quality managers, purchasers, product developers, consultants, or researchers involved in the production or development of circular animal feeds.

Prior knowledge of animal nutrition, feed safety, residual streams, and basic HACCP knowledge is required.

Level: bachelor level (HBO) / upper secondary education levels (MBO).


  • Circularity, sustainability, and circular animal feeds:
    • Understanding what sustainability means and how it relates to circularity and circular animal feeds.
    • How circularity contributes to food and feed safety.
    • Characteristics of animal feeds considered circular.
  • Circular animal feeds and legislation:
    • Key legislation for circular animal feeds.
    • Differences in legislation between the Netherlands and the European Union.
    • The process of developing new feed materials and additives.
    • The current state of affairs regarding legislation.
  • Identification and characteristics of circular animal feeds:
    • Examples of circular animal feeds.
    • The theoretical basis for successful circular animal feeds.
    • Specific characteristics of circular animal feeds.
    • Planned use of circular animal feeds.
  • Risk assessment of circular animal feeds:
    • Inventory and assessment of risks for feed and food safety.
    • Assurance and standards for managing feed and food safety risks.

During this training, various practical cases, (group) exercises, and realistic examples are used to assist participants in better understanding the concepts and applications. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate as proof of participation in the training.

It is a two-day training of six hours but can also be offered digitally in four sessions of three hours each.

Learning Objectives

  1. Applying circular animal feeds: Understand the principles, benefits, and role of circular animal feeds in a sustainable chain.
  2. Knowing and understanding legislation: Be familiar with relevant legislation for circular animal feeds in the Netherlands and the EU and understand its implementation.
  3. Selecting circular animal feeds: Identify, assess, and select circular animal feeds suitable for your company.

Registration / In-Company
This training can be offered in-company at your business.
It is a two-day training of six hours but can also be offered digitally in four sessions of three hours each.

Please contact for a proposal.

Choice of Dutch or English

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