GMP+ and HACCP Basic Training

As part of the IKB regulations, livestock farms are obliged to purchase feed from GMP+ or equivalent certified companies. This training explains how the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme is structured and which important components animal feed companies must fulfill in order to obtain and maintain a GMP+ certificate. In addition, the training discusses how a HACCP system can be set up and implemented within your company, with practical assignments for participants.

Target Group
This module is specifically developed to provide quality managers, members of a HACCP or validation team, management, buyers and sellers, and operators with the necessary knowledge to help them carry out their daily tasks. Level: bachelor level (HBO) / upper secondary education levels (MBO).

This training uses a variety of practical cases, (group) exercises and realistic examples to help participants better understand the concepts and applications. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate as proof of participation in the training.

This training takes one full day.

Morning: GMP+ standards training
The morning will focus on the elements of GMP+. The following topics will be covered:

  • Feed safety systems and legislation
  • Certification schemes
  • GMP+ FSA
  • Purchase and selling
  • Operational: intake and reception, storage, production and transport
  • Controlling residues and contaminants
  • Monitoring, sampling and analysis
  • Traceability and recall
  • Measure, analyze and improve
  • Feed Support Products

Afternoon: HACCP training
The afternoon will focus on the HACCP requirements as laid down in European legislation. In addition to this theoretical explanation, participants will also receive a number of practical assignments. The following topics will be covered:

  • Background HACCP;
  • The 7 basic principles and 13 steps;
  • Practical exercises.

Learning objectives
1. Knowledge of GMP+ elements: Participants will understand what the elements of GMP+ are, such as purchasing and selling, operational processes and residue control
2. Insight into HACCP requirements: Participants will learn about the HACCP requirements laid down in European legislation. This includes the background of HACCP, the 7 basic principles and 13 steps required for food safety
3.Practical application: Participants will carry out practical exercises to apply their knowledge, both for GMP+ and HACCP, and will be able to actively contribute to improving food safety within their company.

On registration / in-company
This training can be offered in-company at your company. In addition, the training is regularly given on registration. The dates for this can be found in the training schedule on:

On registration: see training schedule
In-company: contact for a proposal. 

On registration: Dutch
In-company: choice of Dutch or English 

To register for the registration training or for more information about this in-company training, you can send an email to


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