The basics of GMP+ en HACCP

As part of the Integrated Chain Management (ICM) regulations, livestock farmers are required to purchase feed from GMP+ or equivalent certified companies. But what exactly is GMP+ and how can you apply it to your own organisation? During this seminar, the structure of the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme and all of the most important parts of the standard are explained. When you attend this training session, you know that it takes to get a GMP+ certificate.


Ever since 1999, the HACCP principles are a core part of the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme. During the seminar, we will discuss how to setup and implement an HACCP system in your company. In addition to this theoretical explanation, participants will also receive a number of practical assignments. At the end of the training session, participants will be able to participate in an HACCP team. Participants will receive a certificate as proof of their participation at the end of the day.


Target audience

This seminar has been specifically developed to provide quality officers, members of the HACCP and validation team, board members, purchasing and sales agents and operators with the knowledge they need to preform there day to day duties. Level: MBO+ / HBO.



The seminar takes a whole day and is held at our location in Giessen, the Netherlands. Lunch is provided. After the seminar, there will be drinks.


Sign up

Make sure you sign up on time, preferably three weeks before the training session. If there are too few application, a seminar might be cancelled. If you’ve signed up for a seminar that is cancelled, you will be notified well before the day of the seminar. To sign up for a seminar or for more information, you can contact us at


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