Training early warning & recall

Ensured traceability of products and raw materials is both a legal requirement and a prerequisite for GMP+ certification. Establishing and maintaining an operational recall procedure is often mandatory. This procedure should be regularly practiced through simulations (recall simulation) to avoid blind spots in traceability.

This training provides tools and practical tips to maintain product traceability and to act quickly and effectively in the event of a recall.

Target Audience
This course is specifically designed for employees responsible for or involved in a recall (simulation). Level: bachelor level (HBO) / upper secondary education levels (MBO).


  • Early Warning & Recall: definitions, purpose, and procedure
  • Applicability
  • Execution and documentation
  • Recall simulation
  • (Legal) obligation to report
  • Reporting and evaluation

This training takes approximately 4 hours.

During this training, various practical cases, (group) exercises, and realistic examples are used to help participants understand the concepts and applications better. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate as proof of participation in the training.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding Traceability and Recall Procedures: Participants learn the legal requirements and GMP+ standards for product traceability and how to set up an operational recall procedure.
  2. Application of Early Warning and Recall Procedures: Participants acquire the skill to determine when an early warning or recall is necessary and how to execute it according to the established procedure.
  3. Effective Response to Recall Situations: Participants develop practical skills to respond quickly and effectively to a recall situation, using the provided tools and tips.

Registration / In-Company
This training can be offered in-company at your business.

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