Training HACCP for HACCP-team members

When a food company has appointed a HACCP team (quality team), employees from all relevant departments are part of this. It is often unclear to them what is expected of them as HACCP team members. In addition, there is often a lack of knowledge and insight into various risk analyses, how they are drawn up, what they cause and what control measures arise from this.

During this training, the entire HACCP team is taught what is expected of a HACCP team. It also discusses national and international legislation with regard to HACCP, basic requirements, hazard identification of raw materials and processes, the system of a hazard analysis, validation and the tasks of a team member.


Target audience

This seminar has been specifically developed to provide quality officers, members of the HACCP and validation team, board members, purchasing and sales agents and operators with the knowledge they need to preform there day to day duties. Level: MBO+ / HBO.



The seminar takes a whole day and is only organised in-company.

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