Training intake raw materials

Proper checks when taking in animal feed products can prevent a lot of misery. But what is a good check and what should you pay attention to?

The following topics are discussed during this course:

  • which matters must be checked? Think of product, documents, means of transport;
  • taking retention samples;
  • what should you do in the event of non-conformities;
  • mandatory notification.

On the basis of a number of product samples, participants must decide whether or not the products are suitable for intake. A number of these samples contain botanical contaminants (e.g. mother corn, thorn seed, ambrosia, etc.). During the course, participants learn to recognise these contaminants. Afterwards participants receive a certificate as proof of participation in the course.

Target audience
This course is specifically designed for staff responsible for the intake of raw feed materials.

Level: MBO+.

The seminar takes about half a day and is only organised in-company.

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