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Schouten Advies: GMP+ International Registered Consultants

Schouten Advies has been advising companies about the GMP scheme since its creation in 1992. For over 25 years, we have been thinking along with companies about food and feed safety and we have been involved with GMP+ International. To maintain this bond, all our feed advisors have recently been registered as consultants at GMP+.

We invest a lot in the training of our employees and pay close attention to the latest developments. New consultants only go out if we are sure that they can help our customers with their knowledge and skills. Our consultants are experts when it comes to feed safety and GMP+. We are proud of that and we want to show that to the world. Now that our advisers are registered with GMP+, they take an annual exam to prove that they have the capacity to assist your company. You can find more information about GMP+ Registered Consultants here.

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