For whom is FSSC 22000 Feed most suitable?

From the establishment of FSSC in 2009, it is the only ISO 22000-based certification scheme that has been recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI recognised certification is requested by many large retailers such as Carrefour and Albert Heijn. Since 2014, FSSC has also had a standard for Feed. Although it is possible to be BRC or IFS certified as a pet food producer, FSSC 22000 is the only GFSI approved scheme with a specific standard for animal feed. Yet it is not a runway success. Where the number of Food certificates has grown rapidly to nearly 18,000, now, four years later, there are less than 200 companies worldwide with the Feed scope. Seven companies in the Netherlands are FSSC Feed certified. Why is interest in FSSC 22000 still limited in the animal feed sector?

FSSC Feed is in a difficult position in the Netherlands. On the one hand, large retailers expect GFSI recognised certification from their suppliers, on the other hand, the animal feed sector has its own certification of GMP+ International and FSSC is not yet recognised by GMP+.

Nevertheless, FSSC remains an interesting scheme. While other certification schemes such as IFS and BRC provide explicit rules on how companies should control food safety, FSSC leaves more room for their own interpretation. With regard to the animal feed industry, FSSC can be a valuable scheme in particular for pet food producers. Pet food is next to food in the supermarket and it is precisely those companies that ask for a GFSI recognised certificate.

Schouten Advies expects FSSC to continue to grow in the coming years, particularly in the Food market. In the animal feed sector, FSSC 22000 seems to us to be particularly interesting for consumer-oriented products such as pet foods.

GMP+ International and FSSC 22000 are in discussion with each other about a guidance that should make a combined audit possible, in order to reduce the costs of audits.

If you want to know more or discuss the possibilities of FSSC for your company, please contact our FSSC expert Nico Feenstra.

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